Earn Compound Interest with your Crypto.

Cygnos - Crypto Lending Service

Up to 6.0% APY

Available assets and APY

Please refer to our rates for mininum lending amounts.
The standard min amount will be lowered gradually.

*If you have more than 50 million yen worth of cryptocurrencies other than those listed above, you can lend them individually. Please check here.

Why Cygnos?

Lend up to 1 billion yen
on the same day.

No cancellation fees.
Can be withdrawn in as little as 10 business days.

Not Simple Interest but Monthly Compound Interest.


World-class, robust security with stringent cryptocurrency transfer process

  1. 01

    Integration with Fireblocks

    Partnering with Fireblocks, a cryptocurrency institutional security company funded by Fidelity, the largest financial services company in the U.S.

  2. 02

    Additional Identity Verification for return

    For returns above a certain amount, submission of identification documents and real-time identity video will be required for each return, reducing the risk of hacking due to theft of cell phones and SIM cards.

  3. 03

    Mandatory Whitelist

    Two-step verification, email verification, and 72-hour approval time are required for whitelisting of the sending address. Whitelisting makes it possible for user to detect and stop somebody hack user's account.

  4. 04

    Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication

    In addition to requiring two-step authentication (authentication app/SMS) at the time of registration, the system also prevents unauthorized access and return requests through complex multi-factor authentication such as email authentication and additional identity verification./SMS

How Cygnos Works

The system is similar to stock lending in the securities market. We borrow cryptocurrencies from our customers.
Cygnos has implemented comprehensive risk measures such as credit management and collateral acceptance, drawing on his experience and knowledge as an executive of a Japanese regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional financial institutions, and lends cryptocurrencies only to carefully selected institutional investors.


Cygnos was founded by veterans who have been involved in the industry since the early days of cryptocurrency, with the aim of further developing and promoting cryptocurrency.

Hiroyuki Mihara


Hiroyuki graduated from Waseda University and joined Rakuten, Inc. in the same year. He was involved in the development of Rakuten Ichiba, the biggest Japanese e-commerce platform. He then joined bitbank, Inc., the second largest crypto exchange in Japan as COO and head of sales.

Benjamin Smith


Ben has 20 years experience working in Technology and Finance and spent 9 years working for interest rate trading desks at Citigroup Markets Japan before building one of the first Bitcoin multi-signature wallet platforms in 2014.

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